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Modern Resale

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Modern Resale


4413 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016, United States
CA 4413 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles 90016
United States


310 838-3800


Modern Resale, a furniture shop in Los Angeles, CA, offers stylish furniture at affordable prices. Customers in the area can drop by our store at 4413 W Jefferson Blvd.

We believe that furniture should not only look good but also be functional and durable. That's why we source our pieces from some of the top furniture brands, as well as take in gently used pieces that are still in great condition. We can offer a wide range of furniture to suit the needs of all our customers.

Modern Resale can help you make your dream a reality, whether you are looking to remodel your home, furnish your new space, or redecorate your office. Come visit us today and discover the perfect piece of furniture for your home or office!




Client Reviews

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Scott Farris

Modern Resale

Stacia, Vivian and Kiesha are a pleasure to work with and knowing them from their backgrounds in the design industry, they know and stock the best pieces that will last a lifetime. I have attached two recent pieces, sofa and console that are perfect condition and would probably have more imperfections due to shipping if purchased new. So pleased to have found Modern Resale that I always try to find that special piece here first. Exceptional people and products at great prices.

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Kenneth Hailey

Luxury Furniture

Modern Resale My Luxury Furniture Go To with no question. I purchased two Eames Art Peace(s) A Compact Sofa and Chair /ottoman I absolutely love Modern Resale and the awesome thing is I get to share with my great friends.

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Carole Daley

Modern Resale

Modern Resale is the best! We were surprised at how easy it was to sell our furniture that no longer worked in our new home. Best of all, they had a perfect rug for our new living room.

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Charles Snowden

Modern Resale

So easy, simple, and wonderful experience! I purchased online. Made arrangements to pick up 3 days later! Perfect! Modern Resale had exactly what I was looking for and was in my home 3 days later!

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